Top 10 must-have SEO tools.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very broad topic. Marketers are always in the debates of what’s working and what’s not, what’s ranking and what’s not. Instead of getting into that, today we are going to discuss the most useful tools in the world of SEO because believe it or not, SEO is all about the tools and how you use them. The tools are listed considering the elements involved in SEO, So, if you’re going to start with SEO, these are the only ones you need.

  • Google search console

Price: FREE

Starting with the most important one, GSC is Godfather of all the SEO tools. All the other tools or web apps will be of no use if you haven’t considered submitting your site to Google search console. It sits on the top of every SEO checklist and it has got features for which we care about. With GSC you can allow Google to index your website, you can also ask it to not to crawl some of the pages which are not meant to appear in search results by creating and submitting the robots.txt file and it will notify about the technical errors in your website.

  • Google Analytics


Another great Google tool, Analytics basically tracks the behaviour of your users with highest levels of accuracy. Many marketers submit their website link to Google Analytics but use other third-party tools for Analytics, which is something I never get. Analytics have tons of features which help you not just in SEO but also in Online advertising. Google Analytics is minimal, easy to use and have a great interface, without a doubt it’s a must-have tool.

  • Screaming Frog SEO spider


Screaming Frog SEO spider is a desktop application rather than a web application. It is a great tool to audit your website technically. You can check URL status codes, slugs of the links, size of media files and more. Screaming Frog SEO spider is always recommendable.

  • Google Pagespeed Insights


Here comes a tool from Google again and it’s my personal favourite. Pagespeed Insights basically gives your website a score based on your site’s speed performance. It separates the score into two parts, one is for the mobile devices and another one for desktop PCs. The score ranges from 0 to 100, where scoring 100 is still a dream for many developers. The thing I like about this tool is that it tells you exactly what needs to be done to improve your score which includes a definitive guide on how to achieve that, which helps to improve the score one step at a time and believe me, it feels really good to see a score with a green signal. So, if you’re into ON-Page SEO, there’s no way you can ignore Pagespeed Insights.

  • Yoast SEO


This one is especially for WordPress users. Yoast SEO is not only the most downloaded SEO plugin but it’s also one of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress. It’s a great plugin, I personally use it and what I like about this plugin is its functionality. While writing an article in the post section, it gives me the options in the form of a checklist to improve my SEO score for that particular post. You’ll never need another SEO plugin in WordPress if you move with Yoast SEO hand in hand.

  • SEMrush


If there’s something called ALL IN ONE SEO TOOL, my bets are on SEMrush. Before I came to know about SEMrush, I used to hop on different tools every time due to lack of features, poor UX or low trustworthiness. SEMrush is paid and you can use it even for free under certain limitations, but once I got the grip on it, I wanted to pay for it so badly. It can do keyword research, domain auditing, competitive research and have other tons of features. Make SEMrush your first paid SEO tool, it’s worth it.

  • Google disavow tool


No, we’re definitely not done with Google’s tools. Disavow tool has only one feature which is a very important feature and it won’t be provided by any other third party tool anytime soon. If your site’s rankings are dropping due to spammy backlink, then this tool is made for you. With Disavow tool you instruct Google to stop receiving link signals from a spammy link. This tool is important and that’s the reason it made to our list.

  • SERP watcher


SERP watcher comes from the Mangools team, one of the most trusted names in SEO. SERP watcher is an amazing rank tracking tool built with an ease-of-use interface. SERP watcher is currently a paid tool but if you’re more of an analytical person, you definitely need to check out SERP watcher.

  • Google trends


We promise this will be the last from Google. Google Trends is more of a fun tool. You can procrastinate on this one for long straight hours. Talking about SEO, it’s a great resource for all the Marketers out there *thanks Google*. It can help you to target the audience, what query is searched where and how much time it has been searched. It has all the search metrics ranging from the year 2004 to present moment! So, check out Google trends and try not to procrastinate.

  • KWfinder


The last tool in the list comes from Mangools team. SEO is already vast and KWfinder makes even an element of SEO look vast, I already adore its design, but looking at the number of features it provides me it makes me drool over it. KWfinder is a great looking and functioning keyword research tool which helps you to realise that there’s more in keyword research too. Currently, it’s a paid tool. But, if you want to maximise your traffic on keywords, KWfinder is worth a try.

So, we hope that we have covered some very useful tools in this post. But, if you’re dealing with any kind of technical SEO problem or you don’t know the reason behind your website still not getting any traffic than Vishawish is there for you. We have amazing prices on SEO packages where top Search engine experts alter and optimize your website as per the search engine guidelines, Contact us on to get a great SEO quote.

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