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Responsive design has been on the internet for quite a time. However, there are still loads of web pages lying in the internet’s directories which completely are unknown about Responsive design or they disagree with the fact that Responsive design is an essential part of web designing.

Keeping aside the disagreements, let’s talk about what Responsive design has to offer.

Responsive web design has become a great solution for businesses who are looking for a user-friendly interface and higher conversion rates. If your company’s or organisation’s website still lacks the responsive element, you might have already seen the decline in your traffic and it’s very disappointing.



As a responsible business owner, you will need a very user-friendly website where visitors can have an interactive experience with your website’s pages and if that doesn’t apply to your business website then we’re sorry to warn you but your competitor is always there to steal your deal.

In 2017, Responsive design is not an option, it’s a default setting. You need to have a responsive website where a customer or a visitor can
transact smoothly without any hassle or glitches as he or she were able to do it on a laptop or a desktop computer. If your website fails to deliver they can simply hit the back button and complete the transaction with a competitor.

We’re all aware of how rapid google updates their search algorithms and responsive design is a major factor affecting your search visibility on Google. As soon as a user hits the back button on your website, Google assumes that the user was not satisfied with that particular web page or the website, that results in increase of your website’s bounce rate and demotes your position on search results from a good high altitude to a deep valley or maybe you’ll be at high altitude but on sixth or seventh page of search results.

Some of the websites find a solution for mobile visitors by redirecting them to a different page or website which is mobile friendly. But, that actually is not a solution in terms of your Google rankings because if it’s a single website then it becomes easy for google bots to crawl the pages which will sustain your rankings or might even improve them but it’s not gonna work with 301(Redirection).

Branding plays a very significant role in a corporation because it builds a trust between a customer and a company or corp, which helps a customer to revisit the company. This also implies in the design of your business website because your website is a key element in building your brand on the internet. A visitor is not very confident while using a non-responsive website and there you lose a lead or even a customer.

The businesses who do not rely on their website for sales or the businesses which do not have many competitors can stick to a static website. Excluding them, every website needs an amazing, interactive, responsive design.


“It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable”Charles Darwin

I just recalled Darwin’s quote on evolution as I was writing this article and it is true in its every sense and it applies in business too. Why and how it applies to business? We don’t want to go there because it will require a couple of more articles for that, maybe more. So, let’s just stick adaptation to responsive design as of now.

Not a long time ago, web designers used to create different web pages considering in what device a particular page would be viewed.

However, Internet experience has revolutionised to a great extent where a user can get the same level of functionalities even if he or she uses different devices at different times. Let it be a desktop computer, a laptop, a mobile device or even a tablet the web pages adapts the resolution of a device and delivers a great user-friendly experience.

Designers should believe that their client’s website should be accessible to every user on the internet, regardless of the device they’re using. We at Vishawish Ventures have a great in-house team who deliver great designs and layout for websites. If you’re looking for a web designer then feel free to contact.

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